Achieving fitness is one thing. Sustaining it is another. As many women have discovered, Barre Cleveland’s BarreFit workouts are one of the best ways to maintain a high level of physical well being — offering variety, discipline and a built-in support system.


We are Northeast Ohio's #1 Barre Fitness Studio!

Since May 2012, Barre Cleveland has been the only private barre fitness studio for women. We provide the best total body, female-only workout program in Cleveland through the integration of fitness concepts in strength, balance and flexibility.

At Barre Cleveland, we embrace your commitment to healthy living and encompass the ideal customer experience. Our exclusive, high-end boutique-style fitness studio offers an intimate, personalized atmosphere with classes taught in groups of 20 women or less. The customized group setting allows us to focus attention on each student; ensuring proper techniques and maximized results are always achieved. Through a smooth flow of strengthening and stretching, this precisely choreographed one-hour class significantly increases strength and flexibility, improves posture, and boosts energy levels. The goal of this seriously effective body-shaping program is to help you look and feel long and lean.

Barre Cleveland is not a franchise and not a corporate-owned gym, but instead a privately owned studio with instruction by a seasoned fitness veteran. The respect and attention for each individual - coupled with our posh studio atmosphere - will surely motivate each student to accomplish impressive body-changing results. You can be guaranteed that our BarreFit workouts will be structured to continually challenge your body and keep your fitness goals moving forward.

Your Fitness “Must-Haves"

Hate feeling lost in a sea of faces? At Barre Cleveland, we are an easygoing group, a supportive team, a cohesive unit. Together we all experiencing the same lesson. We learn to view our class mates through compassionate eyes. We value each other though human experience. Together we will encounter both struggles and achievements. We all have the same agendas each and every time we step up to the barre. Naturally, friendships are formed because of this. The fact that many members are attending the same scheduled classes on a regular basis, guarantees that we develop genuine relationships and begin to turn to each other for encouragement both inside and outside the barre studio.

Once you have made the decision to experience Barre Cleveland you will find the personal touch and physical critiques from a qualified instructor just as soothing as the candles and background music. We want to learn about you and your body in order to provide you with an amazing workout and this type of service is unique to Barre Cleveland because we are the only barre fitness studio in Northeast Ohio with a nationally certified master barre trainer.