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Barre Workout Pricing:


ROCKSTAR Elite 6-Month Membership


➢ Only for women looking to seriously transform their body.
Requires a 6-month EFT contract. Includes BONUS Perks!




Our ROCKSTAR Elite Membership is designed to encourage and reward frequent attendance. By giving you the freedom to sculpt your body as much as you want, it's the best way to achieve dramatic results! Only 150 memberships available.
We never want any client to feel awkward about working with a contract. 
The Barre Cleveland ROCKSTAR Elite Membership Contract outlines the full understanding of the business relationship and scope of the expectations so that no one can claim any misunderstandings later down the road. It’s a mark of our professionalism and should actually inspire confidence, knowing that we take your business seriously.  


ROCKSTAR Elite Membership Perks: 

  • FREE Specialty Workouts (see full list below) [$420 value]
  • Six guest passes per 6-month contract period [$150 value]
  • Two Barre Cleveland branded tank tops [$40 value]
  • Two pairs of Barre Cleveland grippy socks [$20 value]
  • One custom S’well Hydration Vessel [$35 value]
  • One vacation (non-medical) membership freeze
  • Unlimited scheduling access [60 days in advance]


*WE ARE A MEMBERSHIP STUDIO: This ensures our members are the only ones with access to our ever-changing BarreFit classes, special workouts, individualized attention and total experience they deserve.