Guest Pass Registration How-To

Being a Barre Cleveland ROCKSTAR Elite client has its privileges... among them is SIX complimentary guest passes per 6-month contract term.

But keep in mind that the Barre Cleveland iOS and Android apps do not have the functionality to register free guests. Therefore, you will need to reserve the guest class via the Barre Cleveland POS site on a computer. Please review the registration steps below so you and your guest can properly experience the BarreFit workout together:


• Log in to the Barre Cleveland POS Site and access your account from a computer

• Select a day and a class time that has availability for both you and a guest.

• Create a single reservation for 'Someone Else' and enter her name in the box.

• Keep the box checked indicating you will be "paying" for this individual

• Click the 'Make a single reservation' button.

• Select the 'ROCKSTAR Guest Pass' payment option.

• Select 'Checkout'.

• Place/complete your order for a $0 total amount. Done.
• Note: You will need to Cancel a Guest Pass if your guest can no longer attend


• Guest passes must be activated from your account and not from the guest's account (if one exists).

• Please plan ahead. If you are already booked for a class that day OR the class has a wait list, your guests CAN NOT be added.

2.03. GUEST PASS GUIDELINES. Guest passes are not valid for cash or credit. Guest passes expire whether they are used or not and become invalid at the end the 6-month contract. Upon contract renewal you receive another six complimentary guest passes. You have full ownership of the guest's class cancellation and accept the penalty (i.e. forfeiture of the guest pass) for any missed class, late cancel, or late arrival of your guest. Read Your Contract Today