Being genuine goes a long way. Barre Cleveland is a community that not only prides ourselves on authenticity, we attract it in our clientele. We will challenge you while keeping you safe. We will encourage a playful atmosphere while refocusing your mind and spirit. Our space is intimate and limited. We like that because no one is overlooked.

*Please remember that individual results may vary. Our clients are all real people and the results they shared were achieved through their dedicated efforts and regular participation in our fitness program. We believe our program is uniquely capable of helping you achieve meaningful and measurable results.



I have never been disappointed! Over the last three years I've taken class three times a week. Yana is a phenomenal instructor/business owner. She has a beautiful, clean and friendly studio. She consistently provides a challenging and changing routine every week with modifications if needed. Her workouts have helped the problems that I had with my knees and feet. Her class is great for all fitness levels. She has a lot of experience with fitness instruction and is worth every penny! –Bobbie J, 2016


It has changed my life! I have been a member of Barre Fit CLE since December. Yana is the most professional trainer I have ever worked with. Because of a metabolic and thyroid disorder, I have put on weight and up until now have been unable to loose it or change the shape of my body. That changed last December when I joined Barre Fit. This is a serious workout-- no chit-chat, phone interruptions, leaving early, etc. during class. She gives 100% of her attention to making sure you are doing the right moves, in the right way so as not to cause injury. I have made friends with the other women in the class of all ages and sizes and am thrilled with results of the workout. It has not been easy but I am so glad I stuck with it and look forward to each class. Thanks Yana! –Crickett K, 2016


Yana is so helpful! She spent a lot of extra time with me to make sure I was using the proper form. Also, the other women in the classes were so welcoming. Now I make a special effort to help the new students feel comfortable. Barre Cleveland is very unique, I have travelled the country for work and always drop-in to the Barre studios in New York but I have never seen a studio this nice and I have never been in a class where the owner is teaching and Yana teaches all her classes! –Jessica H, 2016


The BarreFit class was an excellent strength and flexibility workout! One hour later, my arms and quads were shaking, my bum and abs burning, and I suspect everything will be even sorer tomorrow. The front desk girl was sweet and Yana was super professional, dishing out the adjustments just the way I like. I also noticed that Barre Cleveland has an advantage of not being a franchise and therefore has more freedom to change up the class content and equipment. –Kourtney W, 2016


Such an amazing workout and also such a welcoming environment! There's no other place that allows to me to feel as comfortable as Barre Cleveland does when I'm working out and pushing my body to its limits. Even after the first class I could tell a difference in my body. #BarreCLE is the place to be! –Ally K, 2016


Thank you for basically introducing me to barre! I have absolutely fallen in love with it and I wear my Barre Cleveland socks all over NYC! So proud of you for starting your amazing studio and hopefully I can come by sometime when I come home to visit Ohio. Keep killin it!
 –Heather D, 2016


Yana Salwan changed my life! Her expertise and upbeat view of life enrolled me in the possibility of having a strong desirable and reliable body to hold me up through my 60's! And I am there! The classes fly by because there is not a moment to think through it. If you listen to your heart and to Yana you will find that amazing body that waiting to emerge. Amen! Thank you Yana and your little family for your care and your vision!
 –Ann A, 2015


Barre Cleveland is a very special place! Love the studio, love the work out, love Yana and her unending knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement! Thank you so very much for what you do for all of us!  –Debra B, 2015


I went to two different barre studios, none of which even came close to comparison of what Barre Cleveland is and what you do for your clients. If anyone asks me what's the one thing I miss most about home, I honestly say it is my BarreFit class. You have spoiled me tremendously and I'm having a tough time finding something down here remotely close to Barre Cleveland. I just thought I would share this with you. I am truly greatful to you for sharing tough and great daily barre workouts. I really hope I eventually find something I like here, and in case you ever come down to Miami, FL and decide to open a barre studio down here, I'll be your groupie-lifer client!!  –Kathy S, 2014


I love BarreFit at Barre Cleveland. It allows me to push my body to the limit, and there is nothing better than seeing the transformation your body can make. Consistently taking your workout to the next level and putting in hard work pays off in the end. I love pushing my body and doing things I never thought I could do.  –Megan P, 2014


BarreFit gives me a break from studying and helps calm my mind. In the morning it helps me get my day going on the right foot. It is hard to imagine what life without Barre Cleveland would be like, and I hope I don't ever have to find out!  –Susan B, 2014


It’s definitely my number one stress reliever. Nothing clears my head or makes me calmer than a good BarreFit workout. My skin looks healthier, I sleep better, and I get thirstier, so I drink more water. It also provides “me time” to do something good for myself.   –Jessica L, 2013


I love BarreFit because it calms me down after a long day. It also gives me a boost of energy and the confidence to wear a bikini!  –Joanne E, 2013


I love my BarreFit classes because they present a challenge, a community environment, and in the end I feel a sense of accomplishment. It really does change my whole mood and can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. I was never athletic growing up, but over the last year and a half, taking classes has changed my body. I have so much more muscle and strength. I don't get winded when walking up flights of stairs. I just feel so much better in general. Being a student at Barre Cleveland gives me the chance to turn my mind off and do something for my health and myself. 

–Carrie F, 2013


I love how BarreFit is constantly getting me to push myself beyond where I'm comfortable. I'm really liking where I come out on the other side.
   –Lindsay M, 2012


Nothing seems to transform me mentally and physically the way BarreFit does. It's about breaking yourself down—literally, breaking down your muscle tissue—in order to build anew and become stronger. When I'm in BarreFit class I am powerful, I'm vulnerable, I'm confident, and I'm alone. I'm all aspects of myself at once, and each time I take class, I end up a slightly different person than I was before I began (hopefully stronger in some way, but sometimes not!). The feeling of pushing your physical self to its limit is one I believe everyone should experience. In that moment, when your muscles are so tired they shake, you will learn that you are stronger, more pure, more human than you ever knew. And that is why I love Barre Cleveland. That, and a tight butt.   –Katrina S, 2012